Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: Happy Birthday to You by Brian Rowe

"Newlyweds Cameron and Liesel Martin aren't able to celebrate their wedding bliss for long. Not only is Liesel unexpectedly pregnant... they're also facing the end of humanity!
Liesel's evil witch sister Hannah has cast a spell to make all humans on Earth age a whole year with every day. It's up to Cameron and Liesel to stop her... and save the world! Who will survive? And who will perish?
Here it is at last... the third and final epic chapter of the Birthday trilogy... Happy Birthday to You!"

Happy Birthday to You picks up where Happy Birthday to Me Again leaves off, the day after all chaos begins.  Cameron Martin just can’t catch a break.  He forced to age each day at the end of his senior year only to find that the girl of his dreams is the one that did it to him.  Then, he’s forced to go backwards, a year younger, each day until he’s a little baby.  Now, he’ll have to grow old within a three month period all over again, only this time he’ll have to watch everyone he cares about do so too.  That is, unless him and Liesel can kill her evil witch sister, Hannah, who casted the ageing spell on the entire planet.  Only now, Liesel is without her magic powers and with child, which really throws a wrench into things.  Happy Birthday to You is a dramatic, sometimes comical, fantasy that will leave you flying through the pages to the epic ending.

I Rate This Book:

Something that I not only love about this book, but about the entire series was that it’s a light read.  It’s truly a book that you can set down and enjoy and really get the whole package from.  Most books just have a few aspects, such as drama, action, love, comedy, etc.  But Happy Birthday to You really has a little of everything.  While no, it’s not a funny story, Cameron’s reactions and wording seem to always have a hint of funniness, for lack of better wording at the moment, to them.  It’s not necessarily The Fast and the Furious, but there is a some action to thrown in there as well.  There’s also Cameron’s love for his family and Liesel that never disappears throughout the story.  

I also love how much Cameron grows from the first book to the last.  In the first one he is that popular high school guy that we all loved to hate because although, yes physically, he was perfection, he was an arrogant jerk.  But through all of his aging dilemmas he really grows as a person and appreciates all the people that are in his life and would ultimately do anything for them.  In the last book you get to see him as a husband, although still young, and a hero.  I would give you the ultimate example but it would be a spoiler ;]

Brian Rowe studied English and Film at Loyola Marymount University.  His work has appeared in The Absent Willow Review, Mobius Magazine, and Wild Oat Magazine.  He likes works such as Fahrenheit 451 (no judgment).  He now lives in Cameron’s very own home town of Reno, Nevada.   To learn more about Brian, visit his Facebook.

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