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is a college student from Louisville, Kentucky going to school for a degree in English and teaching. She loves Hello Kitty, Tegan and Sara, the color yellow, Panera Bread pastries and escaping in a great book.

is a college student as well studying nutrition and art.  She sings in the car at the top of her voice, changes her "favorite..." on a daily basis, likes to draw and paint lilies, and getting lost in a foreign world she likes to call fiction.

is a college student from Mount Washington, Kentucky going for a degree in Psychology and a minor in English. She loves coffee, sweets, and her husband. She enjoys nothing better than settling down with a warm cup of Earl Grey tea and a good book.
is a student studying a variety of things. He enjoys Taking Back Sunday, Christopher Nolan, and DC comics. When he's not reading Buffy season 8 or saving the world, he's editing the posts and helping with layout design. If you would like to see his personal media blog, click here.

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