Guest Posts

Here are your easy links to all of the guest posts and interview The Ink Puddle has done with various authors.

05/23/12 Tiffany Allee
02/17/12 Emlyn Chand
02/03/12 Christopher Walker
12/28/11 Rachel Thompson
12/23/11 Rachel Firasek
11/01/11 Ann-Marie King
09/09/11 Elizabeth Sharp
08/26/11 Rose Pressey
08/05/11 Wenona Hulsey

Guest Posts:
06/15/12 Peter Dawes               The Hero Nobody Asked For
06/08/12 Ada Adams                The Born in ReVamped
04/18/12 Kinley Baker               Testing Perceptions
02/27/12 Sarah Ross                 Death and Awaken
02/20/12 C.A. Freeburn             About Dying for Redemption
02/10/12 Larry Peterson             Pushing Through by Writing
02/06/12 Pavarti K Tyler             War, What's it Really Good For?
01/15/12 Lawna Mackie              Enchantment
01/13/12 LK Rigel                       Faeries 101
01/06/12 Sally Lunde-Frommer     Vampires Throughout Time
12/03/11 Ashley Dawn                Marketing Tips for Authors
11/25/12 Lola James                   Judging a Book by its Cover
11/04/11 Brian Rowe                  Writing Your Stories
10/24/11 Chris Lindburg              Which Comes First? Characters or Story?
10/07/11 David Beem                 Why 2011 Belongs to the Indie Author
10/03/11 Aurora Lightborne         Reader Hesitation for Indie Books
09/23/11 Liz Schultz                  Spooky Stories

Soundtracks/ Movie Trailers:
10/21/11 Stephanie Nelson

Book Signings:
10/28/11 Julie Kagawa