Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Happy Birthday to Me Again by Brian Rowe

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read Happy Birthday To Me yet… you may want to hold off on reading this review!

“Cameron Martin has a huge problem: he’s aging a whole year of his life with each passing day… again. And this time... he's going backward!
When Cameron proposes to his beloved witch of a girlfriend Liesel, he thinks life can’t get any better. But when he reluctantly breaks off the engagement just days before the wedding, Liesel angrily unleashes another curse on the unlucky guy, this time making him age backward, from eighteen, all the way to zero.
Making matters worse, Liesel mysteriously disappears, leaving Cameron with no options, except watching himself rapidly shrink into a helpless child. Will Liesel be able to save his life again? Or will Cameron ultimately fall prey to his girlfriend's wicked spell?”

Cameron Martin went through his worst nightmare and survived to tell the tale.  At the end of his senior year he was cursed to age a year of his life with each passing day until he was surely a goner in the hospital on the day he was 85. But at the last minute Liesel, the girl he just so happen to be in love with and the girl that put the horrible curse on him in the first place, saved him.  A few months later he is still his normal age, still with his family, and engaged to Liesel.  What could go wrong? But when Cameron gets cursed again only this time going back in age each day, Liesel isn’t around to save him.  Happy Birthday To Me Again is the next chapter in Cameron Martin’s crazy life.  

My rating for this book:

I like that, like in the first book, in the sequel the chapters go by the age in which Cameron is decreasing.  I also like Cameron himself much better in this book than the first.  In the first he was your typical spoiled, cool, teenage guy and due to his curse he really grew up and became a really interesting character with much more depth.  THAT Cameron is the one that’s present in the sequel. Cameron wasn’t the only character that grew in this novel, so did many others that you learned to love throughout book 1. And what an ending! Happy Birthday to Me Again provides the ultimate cliffhanger that will have you reeling for the next book in the trilogy!
If you’re looking for a fun book with tons of laughs and witty dialogue, this one is for you.

Brian Rowe studied English and Film at Loyola Marymount University.  His work has appeared in The Absent Willow Review, Mobius Magazine, and Wild Oat Magazine.  He likes works such as Fahrenheit 451 (no judgment).  He now lives in Cameron’s very own home town of Reno, Nevada.   To learn more about Brian, visit his Facebook.

So did you guys read the first book?  Are you going to check out this one? Let me know!

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