Thursday, March 29, 2012

Deceived by Stephanie Nelson Excerpt

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this book! So to prove to you just how awesome it was, I asked Stephanie for an excerpt. If this doesn't convince you to go out and by this book right now, I'm not sure what will. Oh! And check out my review too. :)

When I came around the corner, soft purple light glowed from the ball room. Couples slow danced to a peaceful symphony. It had to be close to two in the morning, but the Midnight Magical was still in full swing. My feet hesitated on the steps as I watched my fellow witches and warlocks enjoying themselves. None of them seemed too upset about Holly’s plans and had gone about their business as if they wouldn’t be going to battle in a week.
“You should not envy them.” A male voice spoke behind me. I peeked over my shoulder to see Dorian Hade standing close to me.
“I don’t,” I protested. It was a lie of course, I envied how easy their lives were and how they could express their love without repercussions.
“They are simple witches, Gwen. You hold a power they could never possess, and when I’m done teaching you, you’ll be the one who’s envied.” Dorian walked so that he was facing me. I studied his eyes. Dark cloud-like grayness rolled within them and reminded me of a coming storm. There was only gray, no pupil to break up the churning gloominess. Long chocolate locks brushed his shoulders. His t-shirt clung tautly to his body and the black leather coat fit like a glove. There was something very bad boyish about him.
I realized I was staring entirely too long when my eyes fell to his lips and saw the smirk on them. Blood rushed to my cheeks and warmed my face. “I don’t want to be envied. All I want is to be left alone.” I said with frustration and then headed up to my bedroom.
“Gwen?” Dorian called from the bottom of the steps. I turned around and stared at his mischievous smirk with annoyance, “What?”
“Sweet Dreams.” He winked and then walked away.

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So happy you enjoyed it! = )