Friday, June 8, 2012

Guest Post: Ada Adams

Today, we have Ada Adams here with us to talk about the unique characters in her book, ReVamped!  
The Born in ReVamped
The vampires in ReVamped's universe exist in two varieties—The Born and The Made. 

Most vampires in the world are part of the Made group. The Made vampires are humans who were turned by their vampire sires through an exchange of blood in death. The only way for a human to be successfully turned is for him or her to have vampire blood coursing through the body as his/her heart stops. Because of the complex timing of this procedure, the turn is often made out of a loving gesture between the individual and his or her sire. Once a human becomes a vampire, they experience a change in strength, speed, appetite, and much more. Unless, of course, they happen to be the group of Misfits in ReVamped!
ReVamped's main character, Dawn, is very special, as she was actually born a vampire. While most vampires do not and cannot have children, in rare circumstances, a Born vampire can give birth to another Born. This child is a result of a union between the Born and a vampire she has sired with her own blood. The offspring of the couple (always a daughter) is an extremely powerful being. Only about five such vampires are born in the world in every generation. The Born vampire grows and ages much like a human child, and if she does not give birth, she continues out her lifespan and dies of old age. Upon giving birth to another Born, however, the mother is frozen in time at that particular age for all eternity. The Born are the envy of the vampire race, not just for their extreme power, but also because they have the opportunity to choose a more “human” life. They are able to experience birth and even death of old age, if they so desire. Unfortunately, the downside to a vampire giving birth is that it is a very dangerous feat and most, like Dawn's mother, lose their own life in the process of bringing forth another. 

Throughout the first Angel Creek novel, Dawn is still in the dark about the information regarding her origins and the powers that come with being a Born. We learn that Dawn's blood has a healing ability incomparable to any of the Made vampires, but it is only in ReVamped's sequel, ReAwakened, that we delve deeper into the exploration of Dawn's full potential. I'm very excited for Dawn to learn more about her strengths and grow and mature as both a vampire and a person.

Thank you so much for stopping by Ada! Be sure to check out ReVamped to learn more about these interesting characters. Click here to read a review of the book. 

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