Friday, August 24, 2012

Feature Friday: Olivia Hardin

Today we welcome Olivia Hardin here on The Ink Puddle! I recently read Bitten Shame and if you haven't, you need to jump on it. You're missing out. I'm very, very excited to have her share about The Women! Without further ado...

I’ve been known to use music to set the mood when I'm writing. One day this song "Calling Me" by Alva Leigh shuffled in when I was in the middle of reading a paranormal romance novel.
I was in a "magical" frame of mind and so I began to wonder about one of the lines in that song, "Sometimes I feel that I'm changed by those women on the hill in the rain."
Who are those women? And why are they on the hill in the rain?
And so when I finally did begin writing Witch Way Bends a few months later, those Women remained in the recesses of my mind. In Book 1 Devan learns that the mysterious Women on the Hill have been involved in shaping the things happening in her life.

In Bitten Shame, Devan and her BFF Jill finally get to meet The Women.
So may I present to you, The Women on the Hill:

I hope you'll check out the world of Bend-Bite-Shift soon. Happy reading, All!

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