Monday, August 27, 2012

Mainstream Monday: Double Movie News

Happy Mainstream Monday!!

Woah, I have been MIA due to my laptop being worked on. But while that was happening so was a bunch of really exciting stuff. Shall we discuss? For starters the rest of the main characters for the adaptation of TMI: City of Bones were casted.

Kevin Zegers, who you may know from a childhood favorite, Air Bud or CW hit series Gossip Girl, has been casted for the role as Alex Lightwood. While I have a hard time seeing him as a gay teen, maybe because of his sleezy man whore ways on Gossip Girl, it think that he really looks the part and am excited to see him stretch his acting wings while bringing Alec to life for us.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is going to be playing the one and only Valentine Morgenstern. I didn't have anyone in mind for him so I think that this is also a great choice. Jonathan has played King Henry the VIII in The Tudors and a soccer coach in Bend it Like Becham so he knows a thing or two about protraying a leader. Plus he just has something about him...

One of my favorite characters in the book, Luke, will be played by Aidan Turner. Aidan has also been in The Tudors and will be in this decembers depiction of The Hobbit. In my mind this is not exactly how I pictured Luke. Aidan seems a bit too young to me. I also haven't seen him in anything personally so I really have no idea what to think of him as an actor so I guess I'll have to wait and see until The Hobbit comes out this winter.

Last week they began filming the movie in Toronto, Canada. You can follow all of the filming news, plus see pictures of the set and cast on Although, wouldn't it make more since to film a story based in New York, in New York?

Second up on things that happened while I didn't have my computer: THEY CASTED FINNICK!!!! And incase you didn't know, Finnick is my favorite character from The Hunger Games Trilogy. Needless to say I am a bit disappointed that they casted Sam Clafin to play him. I didn't like him in Snow White and the Huntsman and was thrilled when I discovered that he wasn't her love interest. And I was picturing someone, Taylor Kitsch actually, as Finnick. Or just someone less British.

What do you guys think of all of this casting news?!?!? Are you all pleased or disappointed? Would Taylor Kitsch not make a better Finnick?


roro said...

i lov kevin zegers

Jordan Butcher said...

I know, he is such a babe!!!!