Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Giveaway!

Hey everyone,
This is just an exciting week here at The Ink Puddle. Yesterday sharing the new cover of J.L. Bryan's book Jenny Pox Plague Bringer, to letting you guys know of a new giveaway we have going on from TODAY until October 31!

What do you have to do for this giveaway? I'm so glad you asked.
You see, Halloween is all about dressing up, having fun and of course candy. And we're all about books. Smash the two of them together and what do you get? Our epic giveaway of course!

To be entered in our giveaway, you have to send us a picture of you dressed up as your favorite book character. Don't worry, we wouldn't ask you to do something we wouldn't do ourselves; so over the next few weeks be expecting a picture of the 3 of us dressed our favorites!

What are you being entered in for if you do send us those awesome pictures?

A $20.00 Gift Card to your choice of Amazon or Barnes and Nobles
A copy of your favorite book we've reviewed here at The Ink Puddle
And a spppoookkkyyy surprise! (We can't have you know EVERYTHING!)

So start planning your pictures, thinking of your characters. If you can get a group photo we'll even count that as 2 entries.

To enter: send us your pictures to jordan.butcher2@gmail.com along with the character names and a way to contact you in case you're the winner!

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