Thursday, October 18, 2012

Review: Incarnate by Dana Michelle Burnett

*Spoiler Alert: If you haven't read either the other books in the Spiritus series (Spiritus and Haunted), I'd recommend holding off on reading this review.*
"To be in a love affair with a ghost is both a fantasy and a punishment for Becca. Always searching for balance between her deep love for Alastor and her desire for a normal life, a chaotic period of impulsiveness, death, and mourning have led her to the ultimate turning point. Can she and Alastor go against the laws of nature and cheat death to be together again? And at what price?" 
When we last saw Becca, she had just gotten a grip on her sanity again. After that, however, she was a woman on a mission -- especially after she discovered the possibility of bringing Alastor back from the dead. What follows is a whirlwind of emotions for both her and the ghost that she loves, as she considers a way that is dangerous to both of them. If successful, Becca will finally be able to have a real life with the man that she loves. But will Alastor really be able to come back from the dead? And, if he can, what will be the cost to both Becca and Alastor? Incarnate is the final installment in the Spiritus series and it will leave you breathless until the very last page.

I rate this book: 

It only took me a matter of hours to finish this book -- and I loved every second of it! It was such a fitting conclusion to this series and, while I was sad to see the end of the story for these characters, it was still a great thing to take part in and I wouldn't have wanted it to end any differently. What I especially enjoyed were the glimpses of Becca and Alastor's past lives that were shown to the reader throughout the book. These really helped to move the plot along, but they also gave some insight into the people that they were before the story started in Spiritus. It was interesting to see how much two people could change so much. If you've read the first two books in this series, then you absolutely must pick up Incarnate as soon as possible. And if you haven't read the Spiritus series, then I'm not sure what you're waiting for? Go check it out! If you're anything like me, you'll devour it in no time and, hopefully, you'll enjoy it just as much as I did. 

Dana Michelle Burnett was born and raised in beautiful Southern Indiana. She spent most of her life writing short stories and sharing them with family and friends. Over the years, her work was published in numerous commercial and literary magazines, including Just Labs, Mindprints: A Literary Journal, Foliate Oak, and many more.  Her short story "John Lennon and the Chicken Holocaust was included in The Best of Foliate Oak 2006.  Burnett still lives in Southern Indiana. She continues to manage and works on her writing every day. Her site,, has more information about upcoming projects and appearances, or you can also check her out on Facebook.

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