Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Giveaway/ Santa Letter #1

Hey everyone,
It’s time for our Christmas giveaway! Everyone get out those pins and papers and get ready to write your very own letter to Santa… in the perspective of your favorite book character! Over the next 3 weeks Meg, Crissy and I will be sharing our own letters.
The prize you may ask? An adorable Hedwig plushie and a Harry Potter ornament!
You have until Christmas day or December 25th to get your get your letters in to us. Simply respond in a comment below with your letter and your name and an e-mail address we can contact you by. We will go through the letters and find the most fun and creative as the winner. The winner will be announced New Year’s Eve.
Now without further ado…. My very own letter from Miss Dulcie O’Neal from H.P. Mallory’s series. But I should tell you now that if you haven’t caught up to the third book in the series you  may want to hold off on reading this letter! Spoiler alert.

Dear Santa,
                It’s me, Dulcie. I know that things may appear over the past year as if I have been quite a naughty girl. Working for my father and dealing the Draoidheil... but I didn’t want to do any of those things. I spent just as much time trying to make things right. I was thrown into a corner trying to protect the man I love by my very own father, if you could even call him that. Not that I should have to tell you but I didn’t even know that Melachoir was biologically a part of me until recently. Did I mention how difficult it usually is for me to admit the “L” word to anyone?
                So if you could throw one of those shiny new handguns under my tree that would be really helpful. I promise my heart is in the wrong place with The Resistance.
Thanks Santa,

Now it's your turn! Show us what you got.

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bn100 said...

Dear Santa,

LHetter's short, but man, you know that's how I roll and I just learned how to write.

Throw some s*kickers under the tree, recorder to tape my singing for Nalla, and don't forgHet the swords, guns, blades, whatevs so I can protect Bella and Nalla.