Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Letter # 3

Here is our third and final Dear Santa letter for you before our give away.  This one is written by Vine, a lost boy from the Halfling series by Heather Burch.  Warning, there are some spoilers.

Dear Santa,

I think I've been good this year.  I began my first mission as a Halfling, to protect Nikki Youngblood.  But the real mission has been to keep Mace and Raven from ripping each other apart.  They both are in love with Nikki, which would have put them on the naughty list for sure except that we just found out that she's a Halfling too, although not a normal one.  I'd imagine she's on the naughty list by now but that's neither here nor there.  I've done my best to keep the peace between the three of them but with Raven and Nikki barely hanging on to the light side and Mace's new found temper it's become quite the job.  He is so passive aggressive.  I've barely had time to eat my candy.  While we were at school at the beginning of our mission I also was careful not to fall for any of the human girls even though they were all fawning over my hair.  It was difficult because I've never had that kind of attention before.  It was nice to be noticed for a little while. 

Anyways, if you could throw a few months supply of sour gummy worms in my stocking I'd greatly appreciate it.  With all of the stress coming  up I'm going to need those.  Also if you feel like making a Christmas miracle happen could you magically make the three problem children act right for one day?


Don't forget to submit your own Santa letter before December 25 for a chance to win a Hedwig plush and a Harry Potter ornament!

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