Monday, February 20, 2012

Guest Post: CA Freeburn

Today we welcome CA Freeburn with us to help promote her book, Dying for Redemption. Everyone please welcome Mrs. Freeburn!

The Working Shadow, Inc series came from a conversation I had with a woman after a mystery panel. She was telling me that she didn't read mysteries because people die during those types of books. Wanting to please all readers and being a chronic what-iffer, I started to think about her dilemma and a question popped into my head, "What if all the characters were already dead?"
Over the next few days, the voice of Callous Demar ... a tough PI who was murdered in 1955 ... filled my head and his story flowed onto the computer screen. He was a different character than any I had ever written and while I was having fun getting to know him, there were some bumps in the beginning. I had always written third-person point-of-view (POV), but because of the character's strong voice it wasn't working so I switched to first person POV. Third person felt a little removed and the true personality of the character was hidden. Plus, Callous just didn't speak to me the same way he did in first-person as third-person. And the first person voice was so 'alive'.
The fun part of creating this series was establishing the rules and guidelines for the afterlife in the Limbo where Callous resides: relationships between the ghosts, why some have jobs and others don't, the reason Limbo looks so similar to the world left behind. The challenge I had was making sure the detecting was done by the ghosts using traditional methods with a slight twist, an element of the story that was important to me. Interviewing was done by using a medium, haunting, or eavesdropping on the most likely to have done it. The ghostly detectives examined the scenes themselves or found ways to manipulate the living to look where you wanted them to. I wanted Callous' detective knowledge and skills to lead the way of solving the cases, not his paranormal abilities.
Callous has been in Limbo for over half a century when the first book in the series, Dying For Redemption, takes place. I knew there had to be a reason this would be the first 'documented' case and as I worked on the book another voice entered into the story. Abigail Harris, Callous' grand-niece, enters Limbo and it's her death that shakes up Callous' controlled world and invites the readers into their lives. Abby believes a college paper about the unsolved murder of Callous Demar might be the cause for her death. This is a perfect case for the beginning of the series as the reader learns about Callous' unanswered questions he'd rather never have answered.
I'm working on the second book in the series, Dying For Perception, which has Callous and Abby taking on a case of a recently murdered psychic who first has to be convinced she is no longer among the living.
Currently, Dying For Redemption can be purchased (or borrowed through Prime Lending) from Amazon.
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