Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wondering on Wednesday: Deleting Kindle Books

For a while I was a bit confused on how Amazon worked. I mean, if I deleted something from my Kindle was it permanently gone forever? What about those books that I got for free that turned out to be awful and I really do want to get rid of? Today I hope to answer those questions for you and a few others.

When you delete a book using your Kindle device, the book is removed from your Kindle, but not from your library. Since Amazon uses a cloud system, it's as if you're going from carrying the book around everywhere you go to putting it back onto the bookshelf when you're finished reading.
To do this on your Kindle Touch or Fire, simply hold on the title or picture of the book and when the bubble comes up, press "Remove from Kindle". On your basic Kindle or K3 Keyboard, highlight the book you want to remove, right click the square and scroll down to "Remove from Device". This book will no longer show up on your Kindle.  They will continue to be in your archieved items, but still not technically on your e-reader taking up space.
This works the same way for apps or games.

When you want to actually delete a book that you never, ever want access to ever again, you have to go onto Amazon's website. From there, log in, go to My Account, scroll down to Manage Your Kindle. It will load to a page where you see the tons of books you have already downloaded and on the right side there will be an "Action" tab. Click that tab then press "Remove from Library". It will ask you if you're absolutely sure, because if you ever want access to it again you'll have to repurchase the item, and you can press Yes.

This works the same way for any apps, magazines or blogs you may have too. On the left of the page you can see a box that says "Your Kindle Library", and beneith it lists the types of data the Kindle can hold. Just click on what you want (magazines, blog, ect) and use the action tab to unsubscribe or remove the item from your device. Doing this means you will no longer be charged your monthly fees for your magazines or blogs you followed that you don't want to follow anymore, and obviously you won't get any more updates from that media.

So getting items off your Kindle isn't nearly as difficult as it may have seemed! Have you ever had any issues? do you have any questions? Also, keep the questions coming in because that's what Wednesday's are all about: helping you become more informed on the things you can do on your e-reader!

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