Friday, September 28, 2012

Forged by Greed Excerpt

Today, we're doing something a little different! We're teaming up with Jessi from Release Day Diva and getting together with a bunch other blogs for a little game. Be sure to check out the other sites too to join on in! :)

"The Shifter army raised their weapons in response—swords and spears, huge axes, and daggers—most of them ancient and all magically enhanced by the Spirits of the Realm. A lot of women and teenage girls held Japanese naginatas and kaikens, ready for the Mahrasets’ attack. One group of huge men from Congo and Ghana yelled insults at the beasts from the top of their lungs. They brandished war hammers, Nzappa zaps, Japanese Tachi blades, and ancient Greek HarpÄ“ swords. Many of the double-natured didn’t carry weapons. Their enhancing Spirits planned for them to fight in their animal forms."

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