Monday, September 17, 2012

Mainstream Monday: Fall TV part II

Happy mainstream monday!!!  As promised, it is part two of our fall tv post.  There are two shows that will be premiering very soon on abc, Once Upon A Time and 666 Park Ave.

Once Upon a Time ended, as the saying goes, with a bang.  As Emma began to loose hope in saving Henry after he was poisoned by the Evil Queen she simply kissed his forehead.  And like other fairy tales that simple kiss broke the curse that was casted over Storybrooke, allowing all of its inhabitants to regain their memory and realize their true identities.  But there's a catch.  They are still stuck in the real world.  But magic has also came apart of the regular world too.  Talk about some serious clif hangers there!  I started watching Once Upon a Time when it first came on last fall but after episode five or six it sort of lost me.  But from the preview for season two and how season one ended I may have to catch back up before it comes back on on September 30.

666 Park Avenue is based on the bestselling books by Gabriella Pierce.  The Drake, a new apartment in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, is the hottest place to live.  So when Henry and Jane move to New York from the midwest chasing their dreams that is exactly where they go.  But The Drake isn't what it appears.  The building itself is dark magic that is being manipulated by Gavin and Olivia the owners [I believe] and is a danger to all of the residence.  The show itself has several writer/producers that have worked on big named series such as Gossip Girl, The Lying Game, and The Vampire Diaries and starts Rachael Taylor, Dave Annable, Eric Palladino, and Vannessa Williams just to name a few.  This will be on September 30 after Once Upon A Time.  If I don't have something else on that day this may be one of my new shows!!!

Also, ABC Family's 13 nights of Halloween will start in October so you can watch Harry Potter, Hocus Pocus, and all the great Halloween movies

Are there any other shows you all are looking forward to seeing?  Let us know!! We can always use good tv shows to watch.

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