Monday, September 10, 2012

Mainstream Monday: Fall TV Part I

Happy Mainstream Monday all!!  With school started back and fall just right around the corner all of our favorite tv shows will be starting up very, very soon.  And while you may have had to say goodbye to some really good ones (The Secret Circle :(((), there are some new ones getting started that just might still your heart too.  Shall we discuss?

The Vampire Diaries. Oh My GOD, did you see that finale?  Although, really can we be surprised?  Especially if you have read the books, which I am totally excited to see that the show has come to a full circle back to the story line of the original books again.  While Julie Peck said that the kitsune twins from the book won't be making an appearance as of right now there is still sure to be plenty of excitement instore for us TVD fans this season.  There's Damon Salvatore, Elaina will become a vampire or die, and really they can't kill the main character, Damon Salvatore, Alrick is dead, I was really pulling for his character too, Damon Salvatore, Tyler is possessed by Klause, Damon Salvatore... Need I go on?  I may die before October 11 gets here I am so excited!!

The cw also has a handful of new shows and two of them are fantasy/scifi based, Arrow and Beauty and the Beast. 

Arrow, based off the DC comic books/graphic novels will premier on the CW October.  It follows the character Oliver Queen who goes missing for five year and thought to be dead.  Only he's not.  He has been living on a remote island for five years and when he is discovered and transplanted back home it is obvious that he has changed.  By day, he tries to make peace with everyone he may have hurt in his old life and get back to normal.  By night, he becomes his alter ego, Arrow, trying to right everything in society and improve Starling City to "it's former glory".  The show will star Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen and Katie Cassidy (who you may know from Gossip Girl and Monte Carlo) as Laurel Lance amongst other people that I haven't really heard of before. But I think this may become one of my shows.  I love comic book movies so a TV show must be better right?

Beauty and the Beast will also premier on thursdays after TVD on October 11.  This show, I'm not particularly excited about.  While I love the disney movie, it has already been redone as the movie "Beastly" a few years back.  While the Belle persona is still intact in the the main character Cat, strong, confident, smart, that is about as far as their similarties go.  Cat is a police detective haunted by the death of her mother she witness as a kid and man/animal thing that saved her life.  While working on a case they Cat and her partner find finger prints that lead to Dr. Vincent Keller, who has been "dead" for ten years.  As Cat digs deeper she discovers that Vincent is indeed alive and has a huge, deadly secret; when he becomes enraged he turns into an out of control beast. Sounds a little like the hulk to me.  Cat is played by Kristen Kreuk who you may know as Lana from Smallville.  The show also has several big named producers/writers and familar faces working on it so it may just become a hit afterall.

That's all for this Monday but tune in next week for Part II of our Fall TV post!  You guys have any shows that you are particularly excited about???

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