Friday, September 7, 2012

New Kindle Fires?!

I don't know about you but I've been waiting a long while to see what Amazon had hiding up their sleeve... my sister, looking for a new tablet over the past month or so, was looking for a tablet and considering the Fire when she realized they were nowhere to be found! Badadada! Hello shiny new pretty toys.

Also on a side note, the original Fire is now only $160.00.

The cheapest Kindle is the same size as the original, the price sits at $199 for the 16 GB. $249 for the 32 GB. They're calling all of these the Kindle Fire HD. The next one up is a bit larger than that 8.9", the 16 GB is $299 and the 32 GB is $369. Lastly, we have the very first 4G Kindle! Priced at $499 for 32 GB and $599 for 64 GB, this Kindle will let you surf the web anywhere with only paying $10 a year for LTE!  

I've wondered for quite a while if e-readers would go all the way into 4G... I'm so pumped Amazon has.

Each of these has double antennas. Which means that it will allow you to access the fastest Wi-Fi available at all times. They also all have front viewing cameras (totally new to the Kindle!) to take photos and videos such as Skype. The devices have 40% faster downloading speeds than the previous Kindle. Speakers are on the bottom of the device and the top for ultimate "surround sound". I also found a bit on how when buying a game you can also get new characters or items for those games and with the game items comes with a physical toy as well. Pretty spiffy.

Whispersync has expanded even more! It's now available to connect from your audiobooks to the physical books along with games. And they also have this really cool thing they're calling x-ray for movies that allows you to point at an actor and they'll tell you who they are and give you a complete bio. Basically IMDB only without having to wait around hoping they say the name one more time so you can figure out who they're talking to! 

A really cool thing for parents, not so much kids, is that you can control how much time they spend playing games or watching movies and it sounds like the Kindle will make them read a book or put the device down!

Amazon is saying that this is it, this is the device that's better, faster and sleeper than the iPad or many other tablets out there right now. I personally can't wait to get my hands on one to see if they're right or full of poop!

All of these ship out November 20th. So who is going to be in line or pre-ordering for these bad boys? what new features are you most excited for?

Be sure to stop in next week to get all the details on the new Kindle Paperwhites! 

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Vicky @ Books, Biscuits, and Tea said...

I've been thinking about getting a tablet for a while and Kindle Fires do look great! But I'm super excited about the new Paperwhites as well! :)

Jordan Butcher said...

Thanks for commenting Vicky! Even though I have the original Fire I've been considering the new ones as well! Still such great prices.