Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: Day of Sacrifice Vol 1 by S.W. Benefiel

In a world where supernatural powers are inherited, this gift doesn’t come without a sacrifice. To appease the gods, the first born in every family is to remain pure and be sacrificed on the day of their 21st birthday. Day of Sacrifice is about Flora Hamilton, a young woman who is 3 days away from her sacrifice when she’s caught in the middle of a hit from a rival family. On the day her best friend Aiden Grant is to give his life to the Gods, Flora’s forced to go on the run with her sexy guardian angel only to discover that destiny has a much larger plan in store.S.W. Benefiel did a fantastic job bringing just the right amount of laughs, gasps, frisky time and conflict into this short story. The world you find as you turn the pages is a new idea and perspective on the supernatural world. The background is extensive, the characters detailed and the courage is astounding. When you know your life is ending so quickly, how do you live it to the fullest?  You’ll be eager for more of Flora and will downloading Rebellion, the second installment of Day of Sacrifice, in no time!
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 Stacey Wallace Benefiel is an Indie Author that writes mostly YA paranormal romance novels. She lives in Oregon with her husband, children and many pets. And has other works that include The Toilet Business and the Zellie Wells series. You can learn more about her at her website where she gives book updates and many fun posts at:

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