Monday, July 18, 2011

Kindle VS Nook

With the evolution of the e-reader came the opportunity for many writers to self-publish their books. Since we will be covering a lot of those independent or “indie” authors for reviews, I thought it would be best to make a basic post covering the two most commonly purchased e-readers: Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook Color. Both devices are fantastic, but have special features to offer that is different from the other. This way, if you don’t have an e-reader and decide in the future that we’ve won you over from the traditional way and you want one, hopefully this list can help you decide what’s best for you.

Amazon’s Kindle 3:

·         - Graphite display which means no color, but less glare
·         - 10 days battery life with wireless on, 3 weeks with Wifi on
·         - Free Wifi with browser to surf web
·         - Whispernet technology- Allows any book you purchase from to be downloaded to your Kindle without use of USB cord
·         - Kindle apps are available on Android and iPhone devices
·         - Built in dictionary
·         - Ability to make the font smaller or as large as you want it while reading
·         - Read to Me feature- Reads books aloud to you
·         - Audiobook and music compatibility
·         - Ability to trade books with other Kindle users (still in development)
·        -   Kindle apps are available, such as games, calendars, blogs, ect.
·         - Prices  begin at $139 for just Wifi, $189 for Wifi & 3G
·       -   Kindles with “Special Offers” are $114 with Wifi & $139 for Wifi & 3G, Special offers are ads that  show up on the front of the Kindle in the sleep screen, & a small bar at the bottom of your library page

Barnes and Noble’s Nook Color:

·         - Has backlight, color and touch screen
·         - Up to 10 days of battery life
·         -  Free Wifi with browser to surf web, check e-mail, upload music or pictures
·         - Built in dictionary
·         - Ability to make the font smaller or as large as you want it while reading
·         - Access to online bookstore to download books straight to the Nook
·         - Lendme Technology- allows you to share books with other nook users
·         - Enhanced books- Example, Reading a recipe, you can read it but also watch a video
·         - Loosely based Android system to provide what has become known as “The Readers Tablet”
·         - Apps such as Angry Birds and friendly kids apps
·         - Nook apps are available on Android and iPhone devices
·         - Price is $249

Economically speaking, e-readers are fantastic. Less gas to travel to a bookstore, more environmentally friendly with printing and you have thousands of books at your fingertips!

So what do you guys think of e-readers? How has it changed your reading experience? Which one do you have?

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Sara said...

I use to be a book lover. I love the feel and smell and look of a book. Now, not so much. Now I am a Kindle lover. I will never be without one. I love that the print is so clear, clearer then a book. It is like having high def reading. Living in a small town, I love that I can buy a book ANYTIME I want. If I finish a book at 11pm I can buy the next one on my list and start reading right then. If I am short on funds, no problem, I can read one the the many free books offered on Kindle. I have discovered some great authors this way.
I hear people say "I don't want a e-reader because I like the feel of a book" I say "I like the feel of carrying a book store and 3500 books in my purse everywhere I go"

michirah said...

I'm the same way Sara! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.
And I'm happy we figured out the comment problems for now.

catielynnb said...

Not only do I own a Kindle, it's my favorite. Especially for book lovers, it removes the connection to things like Facebook, Wikipedia, (for all of us who don't exactly remember the definition) and especially the ability to download apps. The distractions that, to me, come with the Nook are quickly removed.

I sell both at my job, and when someone comes in asking for either one, I always let them know the pro's and con's of both. Followed by 'this is my story and no I don't make commission.'

If you get a Kindle, stay away from the Special Offers one. As any avid reader knows, we want our books and that's it. It's work the extra that you don't get the adds that pop up and suck away the precious battery life.
The lack of touch screen is a bonus in it's own special way as well, first off it makes people who want to see your Kindle look funny when they don't know how to operate it (haha) but outside of that you can always touch the screen without the fear of turning a page or highlighting the wrong passage.
Highlights! That's my favorite thing about it... I've never wanted to highlight my books before but I've always found favorite lines and things that I want to remember, well now I can without defacing my precious books. Plus they're saved! Forever and ALWAYS!

I don't know much more than the sales pitch on the Nook Color but I'll see if I can find someone who has one and let them write something similar. :]

michirah said...

Hey Caitlyn!
What I heard about the Kindle with Ads was that there was a small tab at the bottom of the library page and the idle screen had ads on it as well. Does it actually pop up in the middle of a book?!

See, I have problems with that because if you're going to put ads in my book- the 114$ one should be no more than 99$. I mean, they are making oodles and oodles of money off of the ads as it is! But, that's another story.. lol


Sara said...

Catielynnb...I loved your review and agree with everything you said about the ads and touch screen!