Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekend Roundup (11/14-11/18)

Here's what you may have missed on The Ink Puddle this week!

Monday: Random Twilight Facts, Review: Twilight
Tuesday: Review: New Moon
Wednesday: Twilight, OTHER current projects, Review: Eclipse
Thursday: Review: Breaking Dawn
Friday: Feature Friday Recall...

As you can tell, it was a week to celebrate The Twilight Saga since Breaking Dawn Pt 1 came out on Friday. How many of you have already seen the movie? What did you guys think? So far from my Facebook I'm hearing some pretty great things.

Concerning the Feature Friday recall, that whole thing was a mess and I'm so sorry you guys. But due to the situation, I had to take it down. I want everything on this blog to be full of integrity: our reviews, our posts, the people we guest. I want everything to be the best work I can bring to you guys whether it's so you know what books to check out, what e-reader to buy or how to do snazzy things on those e-readers. I'm pretty sure you guys will understand that. :)

Thanks and have a fantastic weekend!


Sara R. said...

Totally understand! I love the work you do on this blog.

Jordan Butcher said...

Thanks Sara! We love your support.