Thursday, November 10, 2011

You Respond: E-volution

The question today for the Booking Through Thursday meme was do you own an e-reader? And if so, has it changed your reading patterns at all? But you guys already know M has a Nook and I have a Kindle. If you've read my post about how I became a blogger and what blogging has done for me, you'll know that it is because of owning my wonderful Kindle that I not only began reading again, but have The Ink Puddle.

So instead, I want to ask you guys a few questions:

-   Do you own an e-reader? 
-   If so, which e-reader do you have? / If not, why not? Do you plan on getting one?
-   Has it changed your reading habits at all?
-   And, how do you feel about paper books now that you've been using your e-reader?

We look forward to hearing your responses!


Tribute Books Mama said...

I still prefer the actual book, but they are convenient for travel.

Shilpa said...

I don't have an ereader per se...but i have kobo and kindle app on my iphone and read my books there...i love printed books. Period. But oflate my rushhour journey to work makes my small iphone comfortable for i have finally moved on to ebooks. And guess what, my first novel is also out as an ebook! So, no arguments there...hehe..I can totally relate to you when you talk of kindle encouraging you to blog...the access to a lot of books also inspired me to keep writing!