Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wondering on Wednesday: Book Swim

If you're anything like M and I, you spend hundreds of dollars on books a year. While it's gotten a bit better with owning an e-reader and the prices being cut, it's still pretty rough. Then we began to hear murmers about BookSwim....

BookSwim is like Netflix, only for books.
They have 4 different plans, all including unlimited reading, no due dates or late fees and no shipping fees.
1) Light Reader: 3 books out at a time/ $23.95 monthly
2) Casual Reader: 5 books out at a time/ $29.95 monthly
3) Avid Reader: 7 books at a time/ $35.95 monthly
4) Devout Reader: 11 books at a time/ $59.95 monthly
All you have to do is sign up, find the books you want to read, place them on your queue and they'll send the books to you as they're availible. Unfortunately BookSwim doesn't do anything with e-books or audiobooks.

Are you a college kid? BookSwim also has a way to rent textbooks, powered by so you save up to 70%. And from what I see (I haven't used it yet, but I plan to this spring when I'm getting books for the semester.) it works just like Chegg. You rent the text book, they send it to you in a box, you keep the box and the book for around 6 months and then you return the book via UPS in the package it came in. Simply print out the return tickets.

Next week we'll feature another program very similar to this one.
Do you use any programs to rent books other than your local library?

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