Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 1 Year to Us!

Hello everyone!
Today makes our official one year of being here with you guys on the web. I couldn't be happier to celebrate with you all. Don't forget our giveaway that is going on until Friday! Click here to see all of those details and be sure to sign up if you haven't already.

We've gotten so many great responses from the giveaway questions and I'll share those with you come Monday when we announce the winner. But we wanted to share with you this time around.

What has The Ink Puddle done for you personally? How has it impacted your life in the past year?

Meg: It has given me people to talk to about my books. People who actually read and understand fantasy fiction.
Crissy: The Ink Puddle has allowed me to read so many new books, a lot of which I would never have picked up or heard of otherwise. It has also introduced me to many new and fantastic authors and I'm really glad that I get to be apart of something that helps to get the word out about these authors.
Me: The Ink Puddle has given me an outlet, it's given me something that's simply my own. It's opened me up to new books and authors and helped me meet so many new faces. This blog has given me perspective that I lacked enough to know where I belong in the world and what I should be doing with my life: literature.

Where would you like to see The Ink Puddle go?

Meg: I would like to get well known enough to receive ARCs from mainstream authors/ publishers before the books come out!
Chrissy: I would really like The Ink Puddle to gain a lot more publicity from indie authors as well as authors that are more well known.
Me: I want to continue to grow as a blog and I realize that while we have a long way to go ahead of us, everyone has to start somewhere and I'm pretty proud of how far we've come so far. :)

Is there anything you want to say to all the people who continue to support us?

Meg: Thanks for following and reading guys!!! We really appreciate it!
Chrissy: Thank you so, so much for all of your support! You guys are the reason we even do this and The Ink Puddle would not be what it is without you. You're all fantastic and I'm so glad The Ink Puddle is able to be of some help and use to you guys!
Me: I would like to say thank you, we love you and you guys are the reason we keep going when things get rough. You rock.

Some things you guys can look forward to is more commitment from us, more book tours with guest posts and interviews, more book reviews of course and more fun, exciting book news! (Sidenote: Have you seen the new movie picture for The Immortal Instruments coming out?! Who's as pumped as we are? AHH!)

So get those giveaway responses in!


Sara R. said...

Happy Anniversary to you all! I love this blog, You have opened up my reading world. Thank you for that!

Jordan Butcher said...

Thanks Sara!