Friday, July 27, 2012

Review: Blood of Fire by Wenona Hulsey

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't read Blood Awakening and Burden of Blood, I would hold off on this review!
Turning her back on everyone she loves, Nicole leaves Alabama to face the man who has made her life hell from the day he forced her powers to surface. She will face evil and end the war that has been brewing for centuries…or that's what she hopes will happen as the final story of the Blood Burden Series plays out. New characters, steamy romance, lives lost and an ancient war. Is it in your blood?"
The final book in the Blood Awakening series begins with Nichole on the run. She’s convinced that by leaving her loved ones in Alabama that she can defeat Loch and hopefully return to a somewhat “normal life”. But when a stranger quickly becomes a friend on the plane ride in, and her powers have disappeared unexplainably- Can this Slade guy be trusted? Further on, how can Nichole lead a land when she can’t defeat her own demons? Including the one who brought her power to life in the beginning, Loch.

Wenona covers so much in this book. With that said though, the writing is great and you can tell just how much planning and love Ms. Hulsey put into this book. She doesn’t overwhelm you with new characters, doesn’t bring in new storylines too suddenly but does push our friends to their limits and then some. I loved the idea of the fae versus the warriors with both sides looking to win and take full control. Nichole, both fae and warrior, aims for a society where both live harmoniously. And that just doesn’t seem possible.

My favorite part is how when all else fails and Nichole’s power is lacking, she’s still a kick butt police officer and a woman that I believe could give Buffy the Vampire Slayer a run for her money.

Without a doubt, I rate this book a

Blood of Fire was the perfect roundup to Wenona’s Blood Awakening series; full of action, tough choices, romance and friendship that's great for any lover of the paranormal genre.

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