Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Release Party: L.K. Rigel

L.K. Rigel joined us today to celebrate the release of her new book, Bride of Fey. This is the second book in her Tethers series. She is also throwing a party TODAY through Release Day Diva at 11am to 7pm PDT on Facebook. The direct link is here so be sure to stop in to celebrate! We will have the review up next week and let you know all the scoop on what we think about the new book!
Fairies are all the rage right now, but of course they've been around forever. Some say fairies descended from fallen angels. If that's true, they've existed for a long time indeed! Here are a few fairies I love: 

Shakespeare's Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream - as portrayed here by Michelle Pfeiffer. Titania is all about the sensual pleasure of being alive - a perfect fairy queen.  
Lucinda in Ella Enchanted. Vivica A. Fox was hilarious as the self-centered fairy godmother whose "gift" of obedience ended badly. A perfect illustration that we should beware fairies bearing gifts.  

Tinker Bell - the non-Disneyfied Tinker Bell as drawn by Greg Hillebrandt. When I read the original Peter Pan to my son, I was amazed. Yes, it's a children's adventure story. It's also a meditation on gender roles and duty told on an entirely adult level. As an adult, I saw Captain Hook as an antihero and Pan as the villain. And Tinker Bell is a selfish saucy hedonist, as befits a proper fairy.
Honey and Nectar, the Twixies in Shirin Dubbin's Keeper of the Way. Dubbin's smart and funny novella features a ton of interesting characters. Honey and Nectar are silly, bratty, gadfly-like pixies with a penchant for telling the inconvenient truth.    

The Cottingley Fairies In the early 1900s, two little girls took pictures of the fairies who lived near their home in England. The girls' story was championed by all sorts of people, from Theosophists to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The movie Fairy Tale: A True Story is based on these events.

Thank you so much L.K. for sharing some of your favorite fairies with us and congratulations on your new release! I can't wait to finish up Bride of Fey and I promise I'll have my review up soon!


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Love it!!

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