Monday, July 23, 2012

Mainstream Monday: City of Bones Movie

Happy mainstream Monday!!!  With the City of Bones wrapping up casting (there are only three major characters left to be announced, Luke, Valentine, and Alec) I want to get the City of Bones madness started.  These books are some of my absolute favorites and while it has been a long wait for the movie to get going it was defiantly worth it.

Lily Collins has been casted to play Clary for quite some time now and since I didn’t have anyone in particular in mind I couldn’t be happier with the choice.  Lily is adorable and appears to be intelligent and ambitious.  You may know from hosting the teen choice awards (or was it the Nick awards or are those the same things) from way back when, The Blindside, Abduction, and Mirror Mirror.  She started as a runway model despite her height and is musician Phil Collins Daughter.

Jamie Campbell Bower has also been casted for a while to play Jace Wayland.  I was highly disappointed when Alex Pettyfer turned down the offer of the role because he is my Jace.  You may know Jamie from his small role in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 as the evil wizard Grindelwald and as Caius, part of the Volturi, in the Twilight Saga.  In gossipy news, you may know him as the guy that was engaged to Bonnie Wright aka Ginny Weasley.  While he’s not my number one pick I’m hoping that his acting chops will erase my disappointment.

The fierce and lovely Isabel Lightwood will be brought to life on the big screen by Jemima West.  While I hadn’t heard of her before recently I think that she certainly looks the part which tends to make people more excited about the casting than someone that looks opposite of who they are portraying.  
Clary’s best friend Simon Lewis is going to be played by Robert Sheehan who is best known for his role as Nathan Young in the Misfits.  He has also been in Cherrybomb and Season of the Witch.  He is another character that I think looks the part which is always a fan favorite.  He is also someone that Cassandra Clare was really pulling for, which I find encouraging and awesome that she got some say in who was going to bring her favorite character to life.
Godfrey Gao will be playing the fabulous high worlock of Brooklyn, Mangus Bane.  Unfortunately, I don't know a whole lot about him other than he is a model and actor and hits the character descritpiton as well.  Mangus makes the books in some ways.  He adds a whole new level of complex and humor that I'm excited to see brought to life and I hope Godfrey is up for the challenge because playing Mangus is going to be one wild ride.

Lena Headey will be portraying Clary’s mom Jocelyn Fray.  This was a pleasant surprise for me as well because she is someone that I kept picturing ever since I saw a fan made trailer as Clary’s mom.  She also has some mad acting skills which she has laid out for us in the movie 300 and the HBO hit The Game of Thrones.  Both of those characters are strong women as is Jocelyn so I feel like she is going to be awesome for this role.

The ever so hot and cold Hodge will be played by Jared Harris who has been in the likes of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Mad Men, and Residence Evil: Apocalypse.  He has a few Emmy’s and SAG awards under his belt so I’d say he’s well prepared to step into the world of books made to movies madness.  

Pangborn and Blackwell, Valentines two sidekicks, will be play by Kevin Durand (I Am Number Four, Xmen Origins Wolverine, and Robin Hood) and Robert Maillet (Sherlock Holmes, The Immortals, and 300).

The City of Bones is set to start filming in August in Toronto and New York City and the movie is supposed to hit theaters August 2013.  Between the cast and Pretty Little Liars writer, Marlene King on board I suspect that The Hunger Games and Twilight will be given a run for their money and frankly I couldn’t be happier.  I have not been this pumped about a book to movie since the Harry Potter series!  Are you guys ready for this movie??
Incase you can't wait here is the most awesome fan made City of Bones trailer youtube!!!!

All of my movie information was from Cassandra Clare's twitter or tumbler, pinterest, and imdb.

Haven't read the books yet? There's still time!!

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