Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review: Feyland: The Bright Court by Anthea Sharp

SPOILER ALERT!: If you haven’t read Feyland: The Dark Realm yet, then don’t read this review!
Jennet Carter escaped the dark faeries of Feyland once. Now, fey magic is seeping out of the prototype game, beguiling the unwary and threatening everyone she cares about.
Tam Linn may be a hero in-game, but his real life is severely complicated. Still, he'll do whatever it takes to stop the creatures of Feyland, even if it means pushing Jennet toward the new guy in school--the one with an inside connection to sim-gaming... and the uncanny ability to charm everyone he meets.
Despite the danger, Jennet and Tam must return to Feyland to face the magic of the Bright Court--and a powerful new enemy who won't stop until the human world is at the mercy of the Realm of Faerie.”
Just when they thought they’d escaped the world of faeries and thwarted the Dark Queen’s evil plan to enter the mortal realm, Jennet and Tam realize that their fight with the dark faeries of Feyland was simply round one. Suddenly, the two find themselves going into the game again, this time to save their classmates from succumbing to the strange powers of the new guy at school. However, even though they’re going back into the Realm of Faerie, they soon discover that the creatures of the Bright Court are nothing like their Dark Realm equivalents. Feyland: The Bright Court picks up where its predecessor leaves off and provides just as much fantasy, magic, and myth as did the first book. 

I rate this book: 

As with the last book, Anthea Sharp continues to use her descriptive ability to make the reader feel like they are really inside the world of Feyland. Another interesting tidbit was her inclusion of yet another myth, Childe Rowland, into the plot of her latest Feyland novel. Once again, the way the myth was integrated into the book’s central plot made me want to learn more about the myth itself. It was something I’d never read about, so I was definitely interested in finding out more. It’s always refreshing when authors inspire their readers to want to learn more about things that they wouldn’t take the time to look into otherwise. If you read Feyland: The Dark Realm and it left you wanting more, then Feyland: The Bright Court will definitely give you the fix you've been searching for. Check it out; you won’t regret the decision!

Growing up, Anthea Sharp spent her summers raiding the library shelves and reading, especially fantasy. She now makes her home in the Pacific Northwest, where she writes, plays the fiddle, and spends time with her small-but-good family. Contact her at or visit her website – 

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