Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Remembrance

Ten years ago I was sitting in my 5th grade classroom when my teacher got the call to turn on the TV from her husband. I didn't understand what was happening as I see the first trade center falling to the ground in slow motion and a shitload of smoke enveloping the entire city. I remember distinctly the concern and worry on Mrs. Foster's face as she struggled with the idea to leave the TV on and see what was happening, or if we were much to young for what we were viewing. So for about 5 minutes, or long enough to see the plane hit the second tower, the room fell silent and we all watched in heartbreak, in awe, in complete shock as history happened in front of us.

Now I'm not sure where you were that day, or where you are now, but please, take a minute or two today to remember the families who lost loved ones, the firefighters and policemen who gave their lives to respond bravely to this disaster, and the ones who are sick today because of responding. While there are many things with this country that I would love to see changed, I know that I at least have the freedom to voice my opinions aloud. Due to that and so many other reasons, I will always say that I am proud to be an American. 

So where were you when the world stopped turning?

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