Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: The Named by Marianne Curley

“Ethan lives a secret life as a Guardian of the Named. Under the guidance of Arkarian, his mentor, and with the help of Isabel, his unlikely but highly capable apprentice, Ethan has become a valued member of this other-worldly corps. As the only defense against the evil Order of Chaos, the Named travel through time to prevent the Order from altering history and thereby gaining power in the present and the future.
As the threat from the Order intensifies, secrets of the past are revealed and villains and heroes are exposed. This gripping fantasy is set in modern times, but is infused with intrigue from the past, super-natural characters and surprising plot twists. Curley has written a winner through to the end.”
I read The Guardians of Time Trilogy five years ago and wanted to share it with you guys because it is a story unique to itself and although it isn’t the most popular series, it is one of the best I’ve ever read.  And my boyfriend refuses to read anything else because nothing else can compare. 
After Ethan witnesses his sisters death as a child he quickly learns things aren’t quite how they seem.  It turns out his family is a part of a war that has gone on forever between The Named and The Order and Ethan is a part of the Named.  Teenage Ethan wants his wings almost more than anything in the entire world.  But to get them her must first successfully train his new apprentice, Isabel to become a part of the Named, which may be a problem since her brother hates him.  Before school one morning while Isabel was trying to slice an apple she accidentally slices her finger.  While howling in pain her brother overhears and demands to see her injury but when she goes to show him, it’s gone.  With the training from Ethan, Isabel can learn to the protect the innocents hurt by the Order and keep the bad guys from altering history.

What I really like about this book, and the rest of the books in the series for that matter, is that it changes points of view.  In the first book you get to read the point of view of both Matt and Isabel and different characters in the last two books.  I  also like that the setting is in Australia because most of the books that I read are based in America or England.   I also really enjoy Marianne’s unique take on time travel. The only thing that's stinks is that they're unavailable in e-reader format.
My rating for this book:
Marianne Curley grew up in Australia where she has traveled, taught, raised a family, wrote awarded books, and beat Myelofibrosis.  To learn more about Marianne, visit

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