Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kindle Books Now Availible to Libraries!

Yesterday Amazon announced this exciting information that so many Kindle owners have been anxiously awaiting for! Click here to see the official release via Kindle Post.

As I figure out more and do the process myself I'll make a post more in depth. But what do you guys think? Is this it, is this what we all have been wanting? Are your libraries offering Kindle books in your area? I'm still checking around to see about mine but I'm pretty pumped.



Sara R. said...

I hadn't heard they started this! Thanks for keeping us updated :)

Jordan Butcher said...

I'm going to try and have up a post early next week on how everything works exactly. Maybe rate the process and give some steps about how to rent books from the library on your Kindle. I know that from the post that they had, I'm absolutely clueless on how to do it.
So I'm going to call the libraries around here to figure out who is doing it and who isn't and go from there.

I'm very pumped though. :)