Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Amazon Review:
“Sookie Stackhouse is just a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. Until the vampire of her dreams walks into her life-and one of her coworkers checks out....

Maybe having a vampire for a boyfriend isn't such a bright idea.”

I know what you’re thinking, the True Blood books, like vampire porn… gross.  Or at least those were my thoughts about the show when it first came on.  But after a few people recommended the books to me saying that they weren’t just full of dirty vampire sex, I decided to give them a whirl.  What I liked about Dead Until Dark was  that the main character, Sookie wasn’t a thirty something like you find with most adult books nor a teenager like you find with the young adults, and because I myself am at that in between age I found her more relatable. Sookie Stackhouse is a normal young woman; normal pretty looks, normal size and height, normal job, normal friends, and a normal family.  She lives in a fairly standard small country town.  Everything about her seems ordinary except for the fact that she can hear living people's thoughts and seems to have a knack for attracting the extremely sexy supernatural, which is what lead her to be with vampire Bill Compton, the new vampire in town.  Dead Until Dark is a sexy fantasy thriller filled with new love, mystery, murder.

My rating for this book:
Charlaine Harris grew up in the Mississippi Delta and was raised by two avid readers.  So, naturally, she was too, which lead her from writing plays and poems to her first two hit series that came out in the 80’s.  Her most successful series was the Sookie Stackhouse/ Southern Vampire Series, debuted in 2001, that has became a hit series a HBO’s TruBlood.  To find out more about Charlaine Harris visit


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