Monday, August 8, 2011

Super Helpful and Stuff

I don't know if you've noticed anything different about The Ink Puddle, but I'm so pumped to have our blog more organized. Thanks to Jenny from Supernatural Snark, I was able to figure out some of the technical problems that have been making me want to bang my head against the wall! Are you guys liking the new layout? There are a few more things I want to accomplish, but we are off to a fantastic start!
Also, we have a new person joining The Ink Puddle crew... C! He's been my editor/ technical computer guy from the start but has finally agreed to let me include him as part of the site. You can find a little about him in our About Us section at the top.
Throughout the next month or so every Monday we’ll be discussing how to fix or go about replacing the Kindle and Nook. It's our Let's Face It, Accidents Happen series and the topics I have so far include: fixing frozen screens, battery replacement, busted screens and transferring collections from one device to another. To see our first installment of the series, click here. Now this is where you come in, what have you had trouble with doing on your e-reader?  Is there anything that we aren’t talking about that you would like to know? Fill us in, we’ll do the research and let you know how to fix the problem.
Until next time!

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