Friday, August 26, 2011

Review: Rock 'n' Roll is Undead by Rose Pressey

"Rockabilly singer Veronica Mason discovers her vampire bass player staked through the heart. A vision of the murder flashes in Veronica’s mind. She’s about to land a record deal. Suspicion soon turns to her when another vampire dead. When an utterly delicious mystery man steps in as the new bass player, Veronica can’t figure out if he’s there to help or cause more problems."

Rock ‘n’ Roll is Undead is a book that takes place over 3 days of Veronica Mason’s life. The story starts out at her show, just doing her normal thing when she’s packing up to leave and she finds Johnny, her bass player in ashes. Suddenly she can see the killer’s thoughts before the murder as well as Johnny’s, an ability she’s never had before as a witch, a term she uses loosely. When these creepy occurrences keep happening and the vampire detective on the case begins suspecting Veronica for murder, she finds herself in panic mode to figure out what is really going on.
I found myself giggling throughout the book as Veronica explains why lipstick appears at the end of every spell she does (or tries to do) and how vampires are now able to go out in the sunlight. Rose Pressey takes you to a whole new world in this quick and effortless read that plays with your emotions. Each and every character will be a suspect at one time or another as you get to know them and try to determine who’s responsible for the cruel murders, especially the super hot new bass player Buzz. And the ending is one that will have you eager for more rockabilly, magic and of course, Veronica and the gang.
My rating for this book:
Rose Pressey enjoys writing quirky and fun novels with a paranormal twist. The paranormal has always captured her interest. The thought of finding the answers to the unexplained fascinates her.
When she’s not writing about werewolves, vampires and every other supernatural creature, she loves eating cupcakes with sprinkles, reading, spending time with family and listening to oldies from the fifties. Yeah, she loves Elvis, she can’t help herself.
Rose lives in Kentucky with her husband, son and two sassy Chihuahuas. You can follow her here:
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