Monday, August 22, 2011

Accidents Happen - Part 3!

Busted screens
Whether your e-reader was dropped or hit by something wrong in your purse or carryon bag, this can usually be fixed. All Kindles, whether bought in a retail store or online at Amazon’s website, automatically have a one year warrantee. In this one year time period you can replace one Kindle free of charge. All you have to do is call Amazon’s customer service line at 1 (800) 201-7575 and tell them your situation. They will then send you a replacement Kindle within two business days, along with a UPS tag so you can send your old Kindle to them.  Usually all this is done with little to no hassle and no rush on sending the old Kindle back!
And of course, all of your purchased books can be found in your achieves. And next week I will have a post on transferring collections, whether that be from a Kindle 2 to a Kindle 3, or from a broken Kindle to replacement one.
Note: I have heard stories of the customer service rep saying “Anything that happened to your Kindle that wouldn’t have happened to a normal book if it was in that situation, we’ll replace. They’re supposed to be more durable than books.” Then I’ve heard the other side saying “I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do because it was done was busted inside your bag (purse, carryon, ect).”
Point of this story: be on the safe side and don’t mention that your Kindle was broke in a bag. You never know who you’re talking to on the other end.
Every Nook you buy also has a one year warranty automatically. Barnes and Noble is a bit more selective than Amazon on replacing your e-reader though especially in broken screen situations.  You can contact B&N at 1 (800) 843-2665, talk to a service representative and if they are willing to replace your Nook, they will pay for shipping to send you the replacement as well as for you to send the broken one back.
You could also replace the cover yourself. You can find the screen on Ebay, the model number is: LG LD070WS1. It’s about $69 plus shipping but you’ll also need to get a kit give you the tools you’ll need to replace the screen. Personally, this route is more difficult, but it may be worth the trouble. If you want to see how click here to watch a video we found on YouTube.
If they don’t offer to replace your Nook and you don’t feel comfortable replacing the screen yourself you can contact the Nook Repair Service. It looks like the price to replace the screen is about $199 plus $69 for labor plus shipping… which it sounds like you would be better off just purchasing a new Nook unfortunately. And if you buy a new one, always hold onto the old parts such as the battery.
Have you guys had much difficulty with customer service at either place? How durable has your experience with your e-reader been?

Note: We are obviously not liable for any damage done  while trying to replace your screen.

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