Monday, October 17, 2011

Mainstream Monday Mayhem

Today we have a review on Eve by Anna Carey brought to you by none other than our awesome, amazing M! We also have your very first, totally fun, random book fact for Monday Mayhem!

Did you know...

Wendy wasn't considered an actual name
until it was made up in Peter Pan!
Also, Jenny Pox is FREE right now on the Kindle!
And S.W. Benefiel's Toilet Business (this sounds hilarious) is free on Smashwords!
Pitch Dark is also free on both Nook and Kindle.  This is a sampler of the following authors new books coming this fall: Kiersten White, Claudia Gray, Amy Garvey, Jocelyn Davies, and Anna Carey! Some of these books look fantastic.

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Nancy Cudis said...

Hi J, M, and C!

Because I enjoy reading your blog very much, I included you in my list of bloggers whom I consider deserving to receive the Versatile Blogger Award. You don’t have to accept or post about it if you wish not to. This is just my way of showing my appreciation of your blog in general and your posts in particular. You can read about the award on my blog. I look forward to reading more about the books you read. Keep those good honest reviews coming!

Nancy @ Simple Clockwork