Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wondering on Wednesday: Renting Library Books (Nook)

A few weeks ago, the Amazon Kindle released that they can now rent library books. (To see how to, you can click here.) But long before the Kindle came around to the idea, the Barnes and Noble's Nook has been actually been able to. I apologize to all of you Nook owners for not posting this sooner but better late then never... here's your step by step how to:

First off, you're going to have to install Adobe Digital Editions, if you don't already have it on your computer. It's a completely free program and a pretty simple step by step process that they lead you through, just make sure that you use the same e-mail and password that you use for your Nook (which should be the same e-mail and password you use to access B&N's website).

Next, just like when you do this on the Kindle, you need to go to Once that loads...
1) Find the box that says "New to downloads?" and put in your zip code.
2) This will lead you to a page where you find the closest libraries to you, click on the one you typically go to.
3) Now click on the link it provides for you. For instance mine is:
4) Once you're in your library page, search through to find the book you want. Be sure you find the Adobe ePub format of the book.
5) Proceed from your Bookbag to Checkout.
6) Be sure to specify how long you want the book out by clicking on the drop down box. Then press "Confirm Checkout".

Now go ahead and download your selection into Adobe Digital Edition. Once it's downloaded it will pop up so you can view the book on your computer, this will work as an iTunes library for your books so to speak. If you haven't already, plug your Nook into your computer using a USB cord to transfer the book over. Once it's connected, you should see "Nook" show up in your left hand side bar, simply drag and drop the book from your libary over to your Nook connection on the side.

And TADA! You have officially downloaded a library book onto your Nook.

Have any of you guys done this before? What did you think of the process? To be honest, I still haven't done this on my Kindle due to my over abundant book supply of TBR, and the fact that I didn't really see many books I was interested in getting.

Also, what other things would you guys like to know? Anything we can cover that we haven't already?


Shilpa said...

Cool. I never knew Nook let you rent too!

Jordan Butcher said...

Hey Shilpa,
The Nook has actually had this feature long before the Kindle did! (As a proud Kindle owner, one of the only things that made me second guess myself when purchasing my Kindle!)
Amazon has been quite particular in everything they do..