Friday, October 7, 2011

Review: Abyss of Chaos by David Beem

“Askum, Ethiopia, thousands of miles from home,
& that bitch-commander Khory hasn’t the good grace to simply die.”
“A dying Ethiopian Priest, a cryptic prophecy, a centuries-lost map, and the fabled lost Ark of the Covenant – this is no way for a cellist to vacation. A great evil stirs, but Maxwell Sinclair simply wants to do right by his godfather’s unusually high expectations. As the world teeters on the precipice of chaos, Max hastens to retrace the footsteps of Menelik, son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, though Max’s actions may have unintended c onsequences. Pack your bags for the thrill of your life, but hurry – the very fabric of reality is at stake.”
When Maxwell Sinclair travels to Ethipia with his godfather Phineas, all he really wants to do is breeze through the trip and maybe pick up some advanced martial arts moves from some history geeks. But when he and Phineas witness the murder of the guardian priest of the Art of the Covenant, Aqabe, is whole world is spun off in a wild new direction. Abyss of Chaos is a fantasy thriller with a touch ofhistory that will have you flying through the pages.
My rating for this book:

Although this particular genre isn’t my favorite, what I really like about what David did, and I’ve said that I liked this before, he switched points of view throughout the book. Although the main character is obviously Maxwell, you get a sense of the other elements in the books through the different key characters. I also like that even though it has a fantasy aspect it also contains current event like aspects that make the story seem real. If you enjoyed The DaVinci Code you will most likely love this book.
David Beem is a cellist and has been in multiple orchestras and has performed in three continents. He has also recorded a few string quartets. Abyss of Chaos is his first novel. To learn more visit .
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