Monday, December 5, 2011

Giveaway and Contest Details!

Happy Monday everyone!
M and I were talking last night, trying to come up a fun Christmas contest/ giveaway to do. Finally, we had it! (Thanks to that Walmart commercial with the guy in the cat sweater. Makes me laugh everytime!)

An ugly Christmas sweater contest! 

Oh yes. I said it. So to enter, all you guys have to do is take a picture of yourself in the ugliest Christmas sweater you have ever seen and send it to my e-mail: with permission to post the photo on our blog. I will have a panel of around 10 people individually tell who they think has the worst sweater. The winner will recieve...

Yes, all 3 books in a set! All dystopia oriented (since that seems to be the cool book topic currently). You will have your choice of us gifting them to you in e-reader format or in physical book form.

But don't be discouraged if you aren't number one... the runner up will recieve a $10.00 gift card to their choice of Amazon or B&N.


So come on guys, let's have fun with this one! Tell your friends, family and co-workers even.
You have until December 25th, 11:59 PM to get your photos in.
We will present the winners on New Year's Eve.


BookJunkie said...

Haha, this sounds like fun! I found your blog on Book Blogs, and thought I'd come over and check it out! I'm following now, and can't wait to see what else y'all come up with!
Courtney @ Fuzzy.Coffee.Books

Nathan said...

Already doing this for the in-laws...It's gonna be epic.

Nathan said...

Already doing this for the in-laws...It's gonna be epic.