Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wondering on Wednesday: Nook Color Update

For those of you that have a Nook Color, the 1.4 update has been released.  For those of you that still haven’t received your update you can manually update your Nook [here].  The website walks you through step by step.

So, what are the features to this new update?  You can now stream movies and TV shows through Netflix. There are Nook Comics which features all of the Marvel comic books in top condition.  The Page Perfect Nook Books is meant to make the books still look as great as it does in print form.   There is now over new attachments like being able to read your book in portrait or landscape style.

My favorite update was being able to watch Netflix on my Nook, which was the first thing I tested when I updated it.  The videos stream great, the picture looks good, so far I have no complaints about it.  The one thing I was most disappointed about was that, unlike the Nook Tablet, Hulu Plus did not come with the new update like I thought it was supposed to.  Since I watch more new TV shows than old I may have gotten more use out of this feature.

How many Nook Color users out there have gotten there update yet?  Any fans?  Any haters?  Let’s chat about it!

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