Saturday, December 24, 2011

Weekend Roundup (12/19-12/23)

Good Morning!
Here's what you may have missed at The Ink Puddle this week!

Monday: Review: Chosen by P.C. and Kristen Cast
Tuesday: Guest Post: John Garrett, HarperCollins Sale!
Wednesday: Nook Color Update
Friday: Review: The Last Rising by Rachel Firasek, Interview: Rachel Firasek

Unfortunately, we didn't get one picture in for our Ugly Christmas Sweater contest so, of course, we have no winners. I'm pretty bummed about this but there's always next year!

Something new we're going to begin doing is Amazon Associates. This is a program that Amazon has that if we advertise a book or any item purchasable on Amazon's website, and you decide to go through our blog to buy that item (by clicking on our link), we will recieve a small profit. A VERY small profit, like hardly anything at all but still. What I promise you guys is that any penny I make from that or AdSense, will go right back into this blog. Because although Blogger is free, everything else really isn't such as giveaways for instance. So I encourage you that if you're going to buy a book we've talked about or reviewed, click on our link to purchase it. In the end, it's coming straight back to all of you. I just don't want anyone feeling like we're taking advantage of them because that's not the intention at all.
I will setting this up fully within the next week.

So does anyone have any big Christmas plans? We'd love to hear about them!

Merry Christmas Eve everybody,

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