Friday, December 23, 2011

Review: The Last Rising by Rachel Firasek

After paying two millennia’s penance to Osiris, world-weary Phoenix Ice has had enough. Saving souls without any hope for her own redemption isn’t how she imagined spending eternity. Fed up, she decides her next death will be her last. But when she sacrifices her own life for a sexy Texan in a catastrophic plane crash, she has no idea the consequences will be so great…or that she’ll end up back in his life for her next assignment.

Now that Turner Alcott has survived the worst, finding a wife and mother for his son matters more than ever before. When the mysterious Ice comes into his life, Turner knows she’s the one—but love is the last thing Ice wants. If he wants to win her heart, Turner must teach Ice how to forgive herself, and prove that love is the ultimate sacrifice.”

The Last Rising begins on an airplane that leads to a fiery crash where both Ice and Turner are on board. So sick and tired of Osiris’ “game”, Ice is wearing thin and giving up on hope as she takes her last breath (again). When her next mission brings her right back into Turner’s life, she finds herself feeling confused with feelings she forgot were even possible. This story fluctuates from Ice’s point of view back to that of Turner’s, each exploring and revealing every thought, feeling and hesitation they experience.

Every character in this book was memorable, especially Brody, Turner's son. It wasn't hard to fall in love with the little one no matter what he was doing. The phoenix clan worked well together, each with a unique personality that didn't overpower the main storyline, but did make way for their stories in the future books.

Did I mention steamy? There are quite a few scenes where Rachel has you guessing and waiting for the real thing to happen, only to keep you guessing for a bit longer. No need to worry though, she eventually gives us what we want.
While I did enjoy this book there are a couple of things I have to note, without reading the summary first, I honestly didn’t know what Ice was or why she was doing kept having to live and relive her life. And I feel like this could have been better explained in the first chapters. Now as the book goes on and you learn more, it eventually answers your questions, but not until quite a bit later.
Overall, The Last Rising was a very fast-paced, novella that will leave you feeling satisfied.

My Rating for this book:

Rachel Firasek grew up in the South, and despite the gentle pace, she harassed life at full steam. Her curiosity about mythology, human nature, and the chemical imbalance we call love led her to writing. Her stories began with macabre war poems and shifted to enchanted fairy tales, before she settled on a blending of the two. Today, you’ll find her tucked on a small parcel of land, surrounded by bleating sheep and barking dogs, with her husband and children. She entertains them all with her wacky sense of humor or animated reenactments of bad Eighties dance moves. She’s intrigued by anything unexplained and seeks the answers to this crazy thing we call life. You can find her where the heart twists the soul and lights the shadows…

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