Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wondering on Wednesday: Finding the Deals

Recently I convinced one of my managers at work to let me create a Kindle e-mail group. Through this group I do many things that I do on the blog, plus I give news on the free/ cheap books for the day. So I thought for today I would tell you guys where I find those deals, that way, you can seek them out yourselves since I don't post things too often on here.

1) Kindle on the Cheap
This is a Facebook group that tells you the deals they have found for the day.

2) Free Kindle Books Plus a Few Other Tips
This is a blog found through Amazon. Michael Gallagher runs it and gives all free books. Occasionally he gives a few tips and things as well. He's great, I love this group so much that even when I got my Fire and I'm not using my Kindle 3 as much, I still stay signed up. It's $0.99/ month.

3) Kindle Books for a Buck (or Less)
Another blog provided through Amazon that Michael Gallagher runs. Does exactly what it says. $0.99/ month.

4) Free Kindle Books and How to Find Them
And yet another awesome blog from Michael Gallagher. It's $2.99/ month.

I've been trying to find more ways to figure out where to find these deals, but I just can't find nearly as many Nook sales as I can Kindle. However I did find this on Nook website. [Click me] So bookmark the page because it changes daily.

Also, follow your favorite authors on Facebook/ Twitter. Especially your indie ones because they'll generally let you know deals that they are doing or their favorites are. I know I find many free books that way.  And right now, if you go to they are having a bunch of books for super cheap prices. :)

So where do you find the deals that you come across? Leave a comment. We'll add it to our list and stick in it the "All Things Helpful" section that way you can always come back and find new places!

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Sara R. said...

wow I didn't know about some of these. Thanks!