Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Attention: Book Reviewer Wanted

Hey everyone,
This is something we briefly mentioned on Sunday in our Weekend Roundup post, but I want to elaborate here. Due to school and work, this is becoming quite a heavy semester for Meg and I, which has led us to seek out another reviewer.

We are looking for someone who likes what The Ink Puddle is, someone passionate about reading, someone who enjoys the paranormal genre that we more often than not review, and preferably someone who can read from an e-reader. We were thinking along the lines of, you read and review one of the books we have lined up that we need to do and then you read something you want to read. I know too often, I get bogged down with obligations instead of what I really want to read and blogging isn't as fun. We're up in the air if this will be a temporary thing or permanent (meaning as long as you would be interested in the job). Obviously, pay wouldn't be anything but free books to read, but personally, that alone would drive my appeal.

We're going to open the floor up here first, if you're interested simply contact us with the subject like being "Book Reviewer Wanted". We'll do some small interview, get to know each other stuff, and have you write a review just to see what your writing style is and such.

Maybe you're not interested but you know someone who is? Spread the word, we're serious about this.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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