Monday, January 23, 2012

Mainstream Monday: Being Human

Cory and I started this show yesterday and we love it so far. I wasn't too sure how I would feel about it because it is a Sci-fy show, and those tend to be a little cheesy. But this was freaking EPIC! However, with being the die-hard Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan that I am, I do know a little bit about vampires and some of their mythology isn't matching up, or rather, isn't staying consistent.

For instance, when Bischop goes into the police man's office in episode 3 (I swear I won't give spoilers- I'll be very vague), he has to ask to be invited in *que dramatic music to prove that it's fact*. So established, vampires cannot walk into a house without being invited. Then tell me why, 5 minutes later another vampire just walks right into the house? This REALLY bugged me. I mean, the whole vampires now being able to walk in the sunlight thing I can handle, I mean it would be normal that species would adapt over time. But if you're going to set a point, you need to stick with it. It's like making a rule and breaking it all in the same breath. Not cool. And I hear there are a few more things like this as you go on in the story.

I'm totally digging both characters but why are the werewolves always goofy and the vampires always sexy and brooding?  Don't get me wrong, either one of them you can take one look at and be happy to drool all over, but can't there be goofy vampires and brooding werewolves? Haha. And the ghost!! She is so funny.

I know I'm a bit behind since we're into the second season of the U.S. version and much, much further than that in the U.K. but you tell me, how much do you love this show? What do you think? Cory and I have been looking for a show to latch onto, first Buffy then Veronica Mars, but we've been dry for 6 months on shows we just HAVE to keep watching.... until now. :)


Jessica Gibson said...

I just started watching it too, I think I'm like 4 or 5 episodes in. It's better then I thought it would be.

Jordan Butcher said...

Definitely Jessica! Thanks for stopping by. :)

LV Cabbie said...

I've watched this show for some time now and find it an enjoyable show with a most interesting proposition.
I'm not familiar with the actors [they're probably Canadian] but they play their roles well.
Am really looking forward to see what happens during this season.
Another show I truly enjoyed was "Dead Like Me" and am sad that it went into the toilet.

Sara R. said...

Great review!~ I love this show too. very entertaining!

Jordan Butcher said...

You know, my family used to watch Dead Like Me but I never paid enough attention to the show to know if I liked it our not. Seemed kind of silly. lol

Thanks for stopping by guys, I'm glad you enjoyed the post!