Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekend Roundup (1/23-1/26)

Hello, hello!
Here's what you may have missed this week on The Ink Puddle.

Monday: Review- Matched by Ally CondieBeing Human
Tuesday: Attention: Book Reviewer Wanted
Wednesday: Textbooks on E-Readers?
Thursday: Introducing... Our New Reviewer!

Ask and you shall receive, right? Meg and I didn't expect it to be nearly that easy to find a new reviewer. But we put the post up Tuesday and BAM! Here came Crissy. So everyone please welcome Crissy! If you want to know some more about her, we did an interview with her in our Thursday post, so make sure you check it out. I think you guys will come to find her just as awesome as we are. ;)
On the other side, acknowledging the fact that we did find someone so quickly, if you're someone who is interested but didn't get your notice in, feel free to contact us and we'll work something out. I don't see there being anything wrong with a group hosting this blog. It's much, much easier than one person managing everything, that's for sure!

Thank you for everyone giving me e-reader questions. Between my mini Kindle group I created at work and you guys here, the questions are flooding in. Keep them coming! That's what our Wednesdays are for, to cover your questions and how-tos about e-readers or anything else you might want to know the answer to.

On my last note, have you guys ever played In A Pickle? You can find at Walmart or any basic store for like $10. Basically, it's just awesome. You have cards 5 cards in your hand, 4 cards laid out on the table to play off of and every card you play has to be "in". Such as "There's a nun (card 1) in the haystack (2) in the supermarket (3) in the barn (4)". What?? It's just silly! Especially challenging people: in order for their card to work they have to explain the story in detail and then everyone votes if it can stay or not. So what should you do this weekend? Go play In A Pickle. Because it's awesome and you will laugh sooooo hard.

I hope you guys have a great weekend! We look forward to you guys seeing all of the fun things we have planned for next week.

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