Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wondering on Wednesday: Did You Know? (Kindle Fire Edition)

Today in this post we are going to discuss little tidbits you may or may not have known that you could do on your KFire.

Did you know....
- You can remove items from your carousal? 
Thanks to Amazon's recent update you can by holding down on your app, and clicking "Remove from Carousal". If you're unsure of what the carousal is, it is where all of your recent apps lie on your homepage.

- You the Amazon app market gives you one free app a day?
You can find this by clicking App -> Store -> and it will be on the front page.

- You can organize your favorites?
I mean the bookshelf that holds your favorite apps, it can extend as far as you want it to go and you can also hold and move things around to the position you want them.

- You can maximize your battery life by turning off applications you're not using?
Just like a cell phone Android device, anything you click and open runs until you shut it down. So to turn off this notifications, go to Settings --> Applications --> click on the app you want and press Force Close.

-You can check how much memory you have left?
If you click Settings --> Device you can see all of the memory you've used up and the battery life you have remaining.

- You can password protect your Kindle?
Don't want your kids getting in and playing with what's yours? Nosy co-workers? Simply go to Settings--> Security--> Lock Screen Password and set the password you want. Just make sure it's something you can remember because everytime you want to get into your Kindle, you'll need this password until you remove it. (To remove the password just go through the same steps.)

-You can create playlists with your music selection?
Simply go to Music--> Playlists--> Create new playlist!

- If you rent a movie from Amazon Video you have 30 days to watch this video?
You can also download directly to your device so that you're not stuck watching the movie only on WiFi? You can also view it from any streaming device such as the Roku. You don't need to have Prime to do this.

- You can bookmark webpages in Amazon Silk's browser?
Click on Web at the top of your Kindle, go to the webpage you want and click the banner at the bottom next to your Menu key.

- You can use it to read books!
With so many other things you can do with your Kindle Fire, its easy to forget the main reason we purchased this wonderful device to begin with!

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