Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Authors I Need More Of!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme done by The Broke and the Bookish. Today's list is:
Top ten authors I wish would write another book...
But I think I'm going to change this around a bit to top ten authors that I'm dying to read... (in no specific order!)
The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
This is a must read before the movie comes out in the next couple of months. Yes I know, you're probably in incredible disbelief that I haven't gotten on the train already. I am too. :)

Second Nature - Elizabeth Sharp
Like most of you, Elizabeth left me hanging at the end of Natural Selection and I have been waiting for this book to come out for a while! Now that it is, I just have to find time amongst my other blogging/ school responsibilities. But I could definitely use some more Lia in my life.

Dark Fever - Karen Marie Moning
My friend Sara told me about this series months ago, I have the first book Dark Fever on my Kindle but haven't had the chance to get on it yet.

The Future of Us - Jay Asher & Caroline Mackler
It has been WAY too long since Jay has come out with a new book. I know that when I read Thirteen Reasons Why a couple of years ago, it was a read that stayed with me for months. And! There's been talk of Thirteen Reasons Why becoming a movie too....

The Haunted E-Book by J.L. Bryan
I followed his tour when this book first came out, it was absolutely hilarious the different ghost stories he came up with. As a huge fan of the The Paranormals Trilogy, I really need to read this book. I started it and as silly as the title and summary might sound, I'm not so sure it's a book I'll be reading with the lights off...

The Host - Stephanie Meyer
I hate The Twilight Saga. But in this book, just from reading the first couple of chapters I can honestly tell taht Stephanie can not only write, but write really well. I keep hoping there will be a sequel, but I'm not sure sure there will be.

Divergent - Veronica Roth
Meg got to read this one but I haven't gotten around to it yet, so with the second book in the series about to be released, I really need to get with the game!
Matched - Ally Condie
I started this book the other day in a bookstore but for some dumb reason, didn't leave the store with the book. After making it to page 30, I was so hooked I had my nose in the book as I attempted to look through the bookstore for other books. Needless to say, Cory was making fun of me big time.

The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa
I mentioned this book last Thursday, but still, it's legit. I'm in love with Meghan, Ash and the crew and really want to see where this story ends up.

Holly Black - Black Heart
I haven't read anything by Holly since Tithe, Ironside and Valiant, but she has always been an author I adored. I cannot wait to read this!

So that's my list! What's on yours?

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