Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wondering on Wednesday: Textbooks on E-Readers?

As a college student if I can find a way to lighten my book load then that’s great.  This past summer I bought the Nook Color for a few reasons; at the time it was the only eReader that you could get magazines on (which I love), it was greener, and it was better for my wallet.  It has had several updates on it that allow me to have interactive magazines and books and I can now watch Netflix .  But one thing that the Nook, as well as the Kindle, is missing is the ability to load eText books on to them.  As a person with six textbooks and has to walk to most of my classes I find this very annoying.  

So why can’t you get text books on e-readers?  Apparently because the screens are too small to properly display the text.  If I had known this at the time it may have been a deal breaker for the Nook.  Needless to say, I am still hoping for an update that will allow me to purchase my textbooks on my Nook.  Interactive, maybe, to make the pictures take up less room?

Although you can’t get your textbooks on your e-reader, Barnes and Noble does offer Nook Study, which allows you to view your textbooks on your laptop.  While this would eliminate the tons of books that you’d have to pack around, some teachers don’t allow students to bring their laptops into class.  Then there’s the whole possibility of something happening to your computer, which a lot more expensive to get fixed or replaced than a eReader.

What do you guys think?  Is it a deal breaker for you?  

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